The Opposite of 007 – Limits of Control by Jim Jarmusch.


Mar 26 2012 Rambles

I found The Limits of Control to be a metaphorical rejection of Hollywood. A satire spy film that reverses James Bond. He never has sex, even when constantly confronted by the nude femme fatale (who in turn references Jean-Luc Godard).

There are many references to art and music and in particular art covered up. I also interpreted the three different colors of suits that he wears as referencing the three-act structure.

After the story is over we see a final scene where he changes out of the suit. I interpret this as the actor shedding the character. The camera then switches to hand held and the final second has camera movement that is the camera coming off the cameraman’s shoulder.

After enjoying the meticulous care put into the cinematography for every scene of this film, to then have the final moment break the viewer out from the film and into the film set … it’s perfection. A subtle sign that nature of narrative film itself is the subject of The Limits of Control.

Art covered up

Below shows the film poster also referencing the down-the-gun-barrel imagery of 007.

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