‪Just Actors Pt.8 – recreating Girl Interrupted (1999) with Diomargy Nunez & Sarah Seeds‬


Mar 27 2012 Just Actors

I’m doing something different with this one. I decided to do the scene twice and have the actors swap roles. This seemed the fair thing to do since the scene felt more like a monologue with another actor’s support. As I reviewed the script prior, I realized that my key to making this scene work is that Lisa must invite her own disaster. Therefore I directed it as such, Lisa starts off focused on Susana then her attention spirals inwards.

I have to congratulate the girls as they really broke from the what the film established. Sarah showed us her mocking humor and we end on a high note as Dio let it rip.

Read more about the original film here LINK.

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  1. We had so much FUN with this and it’s great to see how we played the same roles so differently! Bravo to Jhoe and Dio – I had a blast with you!!

  2. You did great Sarah, good to see you return to Just Actors … and you were in the very first one!

  3. Joey Giambattista

    Good Work all around!

  4. Great work Jhoe. Inspired idea for the actors to swap places and show more of their dramatic range.

  5. So much talent here! I loved seeing the girls swap roles.

    It was cool too see the two very different choices made in regards to “pushing buttons”

    Great Job!